Understanding the internet – a 1 hour talk with a 1/2 hour Q&A session. It includes how the internet started, how it can be used to connect to others, and keep in touch, as well as promote your business. It is aimed at artists/makers just starting out. It will include social media, not just an outline, but a couple of practical steps to take to get you started. A more detailed workshop is available.


Home Education – a viable alternative

This talk will go over the basics of the why and how of home education – a way of life for the speaker, and a viable alternative for you and your children.

see EOS Magazine for more, written by and for home educating families.


Geek is chic

Well, I think so! Getting back to basics with Unix. Book this talk to find out how to have a laptop or tablet that doesn’t get viruses, doesn’t track your every move, yet still does what you need.  I have over 30 years experience of running servers with this technology. Open Source software is geeky, but a wise move for anyone who uses the internet.