About Red Barn Creative

Red Barn Creative is a not-for-profit organisation to support and encourage creative people and heritage spaces to be confident online and learn new skills.

Currently focussing on practical digital skills and crafts as a path to social change. Please use the Contact tab above to send a message.

Red Barn Creative’s founder Lorena Hodgson volunteers on a number of committees and groups helping the local economy and community.

Lorena has a BA in Classics and History of Science and Technology; is a fellow of the RSA, and, with her husband, home educates her children; founder of Education Outside School for families actively home educating or those interested in doing so. It is a Community Interest Company running as a not for profit organisation.

Previous work for organisations such as BT, Barclays Stockbrokers, Hewlett Packard, Nokia and EDS included various technical skills, for example, installing and managing servers and writing software to automate regular tasks. Also skills such as Project Planning and Management, dealing with all levels of the organisation and managing others. Training others in the above, including creating manuals, was also part of the consultancy work undertaken.

Other skills transferable to current interests include: Events management; documentation; research and development of projects and ideas.

“With a strong sense of wanting to support everyone to succeed in their chosen field, I want to make sure all who come along to my events or classes understand and appreciate their own abilities and feel comfortable in learning from others – so I will make sure the style of learning suits them and we all appreciate others’ skills”

Red Barn Creative is a company limited by guarantee (that’s the legal definition of “not for profit”) and is registered in England and Wales, registration number: 08180950; it is exempt from using “Ltd” as part of its name.