Projects I’ve run or been involved with:

Wisbech Christmas Fayre (December 13th, 2015)

Ouse Washes Landscape Project – recently funded, will be starting research soon, with workshops in Spring 2016

Wisbech Arts Festival
Visible Mending
Mending with Peterborough Prison
RSA Changemakers

St Peter’s Lodge

Wisbech Art Space

Fenland Artists/Makers
The Penelope Club

I’m happy to help and join in with many things arts/crafts related; get in touch if you have a project you think I can help with, it doesn’t matter if you have funding or not, we can work on that, I’m happy to help in whatever way I can. Red Barn Creative is a social enterprise, and a not-for-profit organisation, its purpose is to encourage and support people who want to make their art their full time work, and to inspire the public to enjoy more art wherever and whenever I can put art in front of them! I try to make sure a percentage of my time is given pro bono and that, if required, one or two places at a class or at an event is available free of charge. I will not advertise if it happens, to preserve the dignity of the person receiving it, but I will offer the free space as and when needed. This is an idea told to me by the Chairman of Trustees at Octavia Hill’s Birthplace House, Peter Clayton CBE, who explained it as one of Octavia Hill’s principles and I am happy to continue that idea in her name.