Current Projects and Activities

Red Barn Creative is a not-for-profit organisation to support and encourage creative people.

Sadly all face to face groups and workshops are on hold at the moment, but do get in touch to be notified when we can restart.

Practical Digital Skills workshop.

particularly useful for creative people, click through for more info


Occasionally put on across the town, usually to coincide with other activities. See social media for details of where and when, or get in touch to go on a newsletter list to be the first to hear.

The Penelope Club.

A gathering of creative women interested in making a living from their skills. If you are interested in supporting others and learning from others, please get in touch to be part of the Facebook group and invited to events.

Made in the Fens.

Please click here to go to the dedicated sub-site for this Ouse Washes project.

Fun Palaces.

Love getting involved in these! The principle behind doing a Fun Palace is to work with communities and individuals to help them get together and share their skills. There are so many examples and ideas, pop over to the Fun Palaces website and read more, start your own! If you want to be part of one in Wisbech/Fenland area, get in touch! We’ll be running the Wisbech Radicals as per the last few years. Fun Palaces website

We’re proud to have helped out in 2020 by producing a digital guide, for those who can’t be together at the moment, but still want to do something with others.

Fun Palaces produced a podcast this year too, Lorena very much enjoyed being a guest. Listen here, it includes the sounds of weaving and playing Minecraft!

Also on the steering group for Wisbech Christmas Fayre, on the board of funding project CLLD, Trustee of Wisbech Society and working with heritage and community organisations locally developing new projects for the area.