New Arts Project/s

Having attended a meeting as part of the Arts Festival team, I was sent an email explaining a little about a new Fenland/Forest Heath project with a link to a survey.
It would be great to see as many people as possible respond. Maybe you’ve also seen this from others involved in the arts locally, but it’s better to repeat it than for it not to be known! Feel free to link to this page

Here’s the email including the link:

Short Questionnaire Survey to seek input from local people

​A local consortium​, ADEC, 20 Twenty Productions CIC, Music Arts Project,​ Newmarket Racecourses and New Wolsey Theatre, has secured funding​ from Arts Council England​ for a Market Place arts project.

The aim is to work closely with people who live and work in each of seven ​Fenland and Forest Heath ​towns​ – Brandon, Chatteris, March, Mildenhall, Newmarket, Whittlesey and Wisbech, to develop a vibrant arts programme through to September 2017 and to ensure that the resources are in place to manage the project with local involvement.

This is a great opportunity to use arts funding to bring new initiatives, events and opportunities, alongside enhancement of successful existing activity, to the towns of Fenland and Forest Heath.

Your help in completing a short survey to inform the ideas and thinking will be much appreciated. It is intended for those who live or work in one of the towns
The survey can be completed on line by clicking here

Please complete by 5pm on 7 November at the latest


On behalf of the Market Place Consortium

ArtReach 01628 675800,​