Crafts Apprenticeships

This is a great opportunity to be involved in the new apprenticeships. Red Barn Creative is one of the contributors to the Crafts Trailblazer group.

Press Release Craft Trailblazer

If you care about the next generation of craftspeople, please read on.

The current system of apprenticeships is changing. The Government has introduced a number of new reforms, and asked employers to pilot these new look ‘apprenticeship standards’. Craft people and employers have come together to form a pilot group, or trailblazer, and have developed a draft apprenticeship standard for the occupation of ‘Craftsman/Craftsperson’. The purpose of this message is to invite you take part in the consultation, and ultimately help us to ensure the apprenticeship is relevant to the huge range of craft disciplines in the UK and every type and size of business in the sector.

If you would like to register your interest, please click here – REGISTRATION. Unfortunately, due to tight deadlines imposed by Government we will need final responses to the survey no later than 19th May. Therefore, please register early to ensure your views are taken into consideration.

Your feedback will help to ensure the standards are fit for purpose and represent a cross section of employers’ views and set a clear and concise standard that will have a huge impact on the training and development of employees within your industry for years to come. Your comments will be very gratefully received, and will be reported anonymously.