Latest projects:

January 2015

In January I was invited back to St Peter’s Lodge having spent a week last year as artist-in-residence making a quilt. This year, the concept was of caring for the environment, symbolised by wrapping trees. This idea is related to yarnbombing – an overnight installation of warm, soft, knitted or crocheted items put on cold, hard, street furniture and trees – like graffiti, but more removeable. This was Wisbech’s first yarnbomb and caused quite a stir!
The children learned various crafting techniques, but also to work together, with their teachers and the ladies of St Peter’s Lodge joining in, sharing skills and helping each other, another aim of the project.
With parents helping, Friday was the day the work was put up, and even while doing it, we had the public complimenting us, taking photos and generally loving the idea of such a colourful and fun addition to the park.

Thankyou to St Peter’s Lodge, especially Ingrida, Angie, Wendy and Janet; thankyou to Ramnoth Road and Elm Road schools, and of course to Father Paul and the team managing the Artists in Residence project, the work being produced by the children at each residency is fantastic!


15th July
A great afternoon with a group of ladies from the NHS on a team-building day out. They’d had an amazing morning at a drumming session (with dancing too, I hear!) and then they came to me for a slightly quieter activity of sewing and felting! I’d set up four tables, so groups of 8 or so could work together and then move on to another if they wanted to. They made Suffolk Puffs, Peg Doll Gnomes (Steiner Waldorf style), pincushions and needle-felted brooches/magnets. They all did brilliantly! A fantastic group of ladies, I really enjoyed the afternoon. Plenty of chat, sharing of skills and laughter, and some singing! (Not the first time a group I’m with start singing, it is becoming a feature of my workshops!)
Photos are being edited and will be uploaded soon.

Peterborough Heritage Festival

21st and 22nd June
Back for another successful year, the Crafts Marquee is a lovely place to browse unique gifts while waiting for the next event in the main arena! Come for the whole day, enjoy all there is to see and make sure you take home a beautiful locally crafted gift or two!

Slow Crafts.

Slow Sewing came about when I read about the Slow Food movement some years ago, and because I enjoy working on a hand crank machine, which does not need power, can be used anywhere, and is easier to work as it is slower!
I will be running beginner’s courses in sewing, and will include crochet if requested as that is a popular slow craft.
Please get in touch if you’d like to join us, sewing @ redbarncrafts .co .uk

with thanks to the BBC for their support as part of the Great British Sewing Bee:

click here for more details

Wisbech Art Space

A project to show art to the people of Wisbech, to inspire them to work with their own creativity. Artists and Craftspeople from the local area are invited to loan work to the project. Their work and details will be added to the website once their time in the Space has ended (to encourage people to visit the exhibition rather than only look online, as it look so much better in real life!)

Wisbech Arts Festival:
As one of the founder members of the Arts Festival, now in its third year, Red Barn Creative organises some of the events, supports the others, and hosts, maintains and runs the website and facebook and twitter accounts.