Just Ballet

It’s great to see another independent shop opening in our market town!

Here are some questions I put to the owner, Sheila, with her answers:

What made you choose Wisbech?

We have people travelling from all over the country to our Southend shop and my family were looking for a more rural location to live. We decided it was the right time to move and set up another shop, but my husband still needed to commute to London. We set ourselves a radius to look for a home and school and were amazed to find Wisbech affordable and pretty! With easy access to the Midlands and East Anglia, it was an ideal location for a new shop too.
​How long have you had a ballet shop, and were/are you a dancer yourself?
We have had the Southend shop for three years now. I initially started online, as I had grown frustrated at not being able to find what I needed for ballet, without going to London and also having to import products from overseas.

I have never danced professionally, but have danced since I was 12 and only ever loved ballet. I stopped when I went to Uni and picked it up again after having my first child, joining a local adult ballet class. Since then I’ve re-taken my RAD exams grades 6,7 and 8. Then moved on to my Intermediate and am thrilled to be working for my Advanced 1 exam with a local ballet school in Wisbech!

There’s loads for sale on your website, is that all available in the shop?

Yes! The shops were born out of a need for storage for the website – it seemed silly to have all the stock in a warehouse, when it could be on display in a shop! The Wisbech and Southend shop work closely together and have been described as an Aladdin’s cave!

Have you had a chance to see/do anything else in town yet?

I spent the Summer getting to know the town with my daughter, whilst looking for suitable shop premises. I spent many afternoons in the gardens and tea room at Peckover, learnt lots at the museum and the brewery is on my list of things to do!

Please add anything else you’d like to say!

Our shops are unique and we have sourced many brands from overseas that are not sold anywhere else in the UK.

We offer a bespoke costume service – customers can design their own tutu or men’s tunic.

We have an extensive selection of pointe shoes and take the fitting of these very seriously. Dancers young and old can ruin their feet and dance career by wearing ill-fitting pointe shoes.

2016 will see the development of the rest of the property in Hill St, as I will be moving the costume making facilities here.