Current Projects and Activities

Red Barn Creative is a not-for-profit organisation to support and encourage creative people.

practical digital skills for creative people, and creative skills for everyone – using making as a path to social change. Please use the Contact tab above to send a message.


Occasionally put on across the town, usually to coincide with other activities. See social media for details of where and when, or get in touch to go on a newsletter list to be the first to hear.

The Penelope Club.

A gathering of creative women interested in making a living from their skills. If you are interested in supporting others and learning from others, please get in touch to be part of the Facebook group and invited to events.

Made in the Fens.

Please click here to go to the dedicated sub-site for this Ouse Washes project.

Also helping with the Wisbech Christmas Fayre and  working with heritage and tourist organisations locally developing new projects for the area.

I was approached recently to work with the United Nations Bureau of Significant Inspiration, as Wisbech is known to be inspiring and they are looking to harness that and store it. A fascinating project, culminating in a 4 day event at Wisbech Castle, Thursday through Sunday, 9th to 12th August.

An enjoyable, if hectic, few weeks! We intend to bring this back in 2020!